Central European Journal of Communication, Vol. 4, No 1 (6), Spring 2011

Editor’s introduction: Public relations in a democratic society

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Public relations and strategic management: Institutionalizing organization – public relationships in contemporary society

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strategic management, publics, relationships, reputation, digital media

Reconsidering contemporary public relations: Theoretical engagement of practitioners in a communication society

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public relations theory, public relations practice, professional public relations, types of practitioners, image of public relations

A walk in the public relations field: Theoretical discussions from a social media and network society perspective

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public relations, network society, changes, professionalism, social media

Public relations in society. A new approach to the difficult relationships between PR and its environment

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system theory, legitimacy, reference group

Contextualizing and redefining authenticity in organizational communication

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public relations, authenticity, corporate communication, persuasion techniques

Public relations and trust in contemporary global society: A Luhmannian perspective of the role of public relations in enhancing trust among social systems

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public relations, organic theory of public relations, systems theory, Luhmann, trust, contemporary society, metastrategy

The role and functions of government public relations. Lessons from public perceptions of government

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government public relations, government communication, government and public opinion, government performance, evaluation of public relations

PR, politics and democracy

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public relations, lobbying, politics, integrity, democracy

Public relations without ethics will face the same fate as propaganda. Research reflections (Case study of PR associations in Poland)

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public relations, ethics, integrated marketing communication, public opinion, propaganda

The role of PR in healthcare and social insurance reform in Poland and the United States

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international PR, healthcare reform, public aff airs, insurance industry, PR methods


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