Central European Journal of Communication, Vol. 5, No 2 (9), Fall 2012, ss.140

Editors’ introduction: Media accountability — between tradition and innovation

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From media self-regulation to ‘crowdcriticism’: Media accountability in the digital age

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media accountability; institutional economics; media ethics; media criticism; participatory models; Internet and Web 2.0

Users’ perception of media accountability

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journalism quality, media accountability, transparency, media literacy, focus groups

Changing political attitudes towards media accountability in Sweden

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media criticism, media responsibility, media accountability, media regulation

The news ombudsman: Lightning rod or watchdog?

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journalism, journalism ethics, media quality, news ombudsman, readers’ representative

Assessing potentials of journalists’ blogs as an instrument of media accountability in Estonia

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journalism, weblogs, accountability, transparency, journalistic autonomy

Ukrainian journalists’ perceptions of unethical practices: Codes and everyday ethics

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

media practice in Ukraine, bribery, media transparency, public relations ethics, media in post-Soviet countries, codes of ethics in post-Soviet countries

Radio ombudsman services of Brazilian Public Radio (EBC) as media accountability instruments

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media accountability, ombudsman, public broadcasting, radio

Interview: Media accountability and transparency

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