Central European Journal of Communication, Vol. 6, No 2 (11), Fall 2013, ss.172

Transformations in secondorder campaigning: A German- Finnish comparison of campaign professionalism in the 2004 and 2009 European parliamentary elections

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

professionalization, election campaigns, European parliamentary elections, political parties, Germany, Finland

Errand boy or entrepreneur? Journalists’ expectations of their future roles in Finland

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

journalistic roles, expectations, legitimacy, media convergence, Finland

Media pluralism policy in a postsocialist Mediterranean media system: The case of Croatia

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

media pluralism policy, external diversity, internal diversity, received diversity, models of media systems, Croatia

Introducing the panspectric challenge: A reconfiguration of regulatory values in a multiplatform media landscape

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

media policy, public service broadcasting, public service media, innovation, management, prediction, paternalism, panspectrocism

Challenges and prospects of delivering a diversity of public service content online: A case study of Channel 4 News Online

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

public service broadcasters, diversity, Internet, gatekeeping, network journalism

Mapping the Moldovan media system and journalism culture

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

Moldova, media market, ownership, print press, broadcasting media, journalism culture

Media culture and professionalism in reporting on minority issues in Bulgaria: Practices and problems

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

minorities, media, media culture, democracy, intercultural dialogue, media self-regulation

The worlds of “the others”? Czech television’s agenda of world news coverage

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

world news coverage, television news coverage, agenda

The scope and limit for the development of corporate social responsibility in the Baltic States as a strategy of corporate communication

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate communication, Baltic States, consumers, stakeholders, opinion leaders


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