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What will be the future for Local Broadcasting in Norway?

  1. Ilona Biernacka-Ligięza


What will be the future for Local Broadcasting in Norway?


In the era of the market-driven media, the digital transition and the ‘new media’ reign we should consider what will be the future of local broadcasting. First of all, we should look at the broadcasting legislation process – especially changes connected with the rules and privileges given to the local and community broadcasters. Second point worth consideration is the case of the traditional local TV and radio stations in Norway. A few questions should be asked, for example: if the local TV/radio fulfils the local medium function; which is the dominant function for the local broadcasters; what will be the future of local TV/radio station; if web TV/radio replace traditional ones; what is the local programmes content etc. Third point which should be analyzed is the role of local TV and radio in creating local identity and local democracy. We should look at the local communication level from the wide perspective: relation global–local; globalization–glocalization.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 3, No 1 (4), Spring 2010

Strony od 147 do 166

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