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Remixing international news reporting: Towards a renewed confederacy of correspondences

  1. Paulo Nuno Vicente


The operative concept of remix translates into a renewed tension in the contemporary journalistic field by means of a complex and not pacific coexistence of a read/write and a read/only culture. This ambivalence has also been designated as a convergence or mash-up culture. Beyond its modern structural elements (overseas delegations, staff correspondents, special assignments, freelancers, stringers, fixers, translators), the overall framework of international news reporting is being remixed and challenged by the emergence of a renewed confederacy of correspondences supported by online digital networks. The combination of technology particularly the Internet and its graphical interface, the World Wide Web with the emergence of nonconventional journalists is transforming previous meanings and implications of eyewitnessing as a journalistic keyword. Traditional foreign correspondents no longer exercise hegemony over international news. This article, based on a comprehensive literature review, addresses the state of flux in international journalism signalling the emerging typologies and confronting those with the previous standard model of correspondence.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 5, No 1 (8), Spring 2012

Strony od 61 do 77

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