A different kind of massive attack: How the Bulgarian Ultranationalist Party Ataka engineered its political success using electronic media

  1. Elza Ibroscheva


This study explores the role of media in securing the electorate success of Ataka, Bulgaria’s ultra-right-wing party, as well as their contribution to the rise of nationalistic tendencies among the Bulgarian electorate. To accomplish this, the study sets two goals: fi rst, to explore the political and socio-cultural environment which has allowed for the growth of ultra-nationalist rhetoric in Bulgaria, and second, to examine how Ataka’s media publicity machine, with a specific focus on their new media tactics, have contributed to securing popular support for the virtually unfettered expression of ultra-nationalistic ideas. By conducting a critical analysis of Ataka’s use of electronic media, including websites, online forums, and other social networking tools, the study analyzes the importance of electronic media to a right wing party such as Ataka, that catapulted it from complete obscurity into a political force of national importance.


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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 6, No 1 (10), Spring 2013

Pages from 51 to 66

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