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The development of online political communication in Poland in European Parliamentary elections 2014: Technological innovation versus old habits

  1. Michał Jacuński
  2. Paweł Baranowski


This article analyzes the methods of electoral communication during the 2014 European Parliament election in Poland. Are Polish candidates to the European Parliament stuck with the old habits and patterns of communication or have they adopted all the available technological innovations? Constant technological evolution and increasing Internet usage-rate are not only giving the candidates new possibilities to reach potential voters, but they also pose a challenge. By using content analysis, we have analyzed the structure of candidates’ websites and their official Facebook and Twitter profiles. We also analyzed the level of interactivity with candidates’ fans on Facebook and openness to two-way communication on websites, a “must” in the late web 2.0 era.


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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 8, no 2 (15), Fall 2015

Strony od 219 do 234

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