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In the spiral of mistrust: On the decline of public trust in Czech journalists

  1. Jaromír Volek
  2. Marína Urbániková


This paper analyses the change of public trust in journalists in the Czech Republic and investigates the main characteristics of mistrusting audiences. Comparative analysis based on two representative surveys of the Czech population reveals that public trust in journalists declined by a third between 2004 and 2016. Mistrust is on the rise especially among: (a) socio-economically de­prived media consumers (b) with leftist political orientation c) belonging to the youngest cohort. The analysis also indicates a split of the ideal-typical image of a journalist as a highly-educated advocate of socially vulnerable groups, and suggests the return of a perception of journalists as establishment representatives which prevailed during the previous “real socialist” regime.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 10, no 2 (19), Fall 2017

Strony od 159 do 179

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