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Through the Eyes of Early Childhood Students: Television, Tablet Computers, Internet and Smartphones

  1. Halit Buluthan Çetintaş
  2. Zeynep Turan


The features, functions, and usage of media and media environment which have an important role in the lives of today’s children are increasing day by day. This study aims to evaluate media environments and the children’s experience from their points of view. The study followed the qualitative design and the participants of the study consisted of 34 preschool students. Children were asked questions to learn their opinions about television, tablet computers, the internet, and smartphones. The results revealed that children had knowledge about the media environment and they used it intensively. However, they were not aware of the possible dangers of the media contents substantially. It was understood that children did not get any knowledge or education about media usage and most of the children encountered negative content. The results suggest a need for training in media literacy for children.

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Central European Journal of Communication

vol. 11, No 1 (20), Spring 2018

Strony od 56 do 70

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