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Propaganda against the West in the Heart of Europe. A masked offi cial state campaign in Hungary

  1. Márton Demeter ORCiD: 0000-0002-9888-9682


There is a twofold crisis in Europe: While mass migration is a serious challenge to the whole EU, we also have member-states striking at the EU itself. Our research shows that Hungary, with its overwhelming political communication, became the first post-socialist EU member state to run official anti-Western propaganda since the end of the Cold War and it seems that other CEEcountries will follow its lead. The campaign does not go against Brussels directly: the real message is hidden between the lines. We analyzed 644 pro-government articles on migration issues. The research shows that anti-Brussels narratives were strikingly frequent, and a new “war vocabulary” propaganda campaign started, stating that the EU is fighting against Hungary, so Hungary has to strike back.

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Central European Journal of Communication

vol. 11, No 2 (21), Fall 2018

Strony od 177 do 197

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